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Lessons At The Potter's House  C. Elijah  7229  Diving truths of the potter's house. If you are broken, learn the lessons of the potter's house.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Fit For The Master's Use  C. Elijah  7228  Learn the truth of the tool if you think God can't use you. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Uplifting  Share 
The Grace of Giving  C. Elijah  7227  This message will change the way you treat people  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Living to Give  C. Elijah  7226  Are you rich? Discover what treasures you have with the message of giving.  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
SLOTH - Busy Being Lazy  C. Elijah  4007  7th of 14 messages on The 40 Day Miracle Break the cycle of laziness Do42  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Life 101  C. Elijah  7225  Part 2 of the "What Is Life?" series. Are you wondering through life without purpose and meaning? Life is not meant to be a mystery, listen and receive the revelation about the purpose of life. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
What Is Life?  C. Elijah  7224  Do you know what the purpose of life is?  WMA    PDF  Money  Share 
Everlasting Love  C. Elijah  7221  If you think that no one loves you, think again. Listen to "Everlasting Love" to see the real love God has for you. Did you know that God created you so He could show you how much He loves you? YOU are the object of His love. YOU are the apple of His eye  WMA    PDF  Uplifting  Share 
Growing Through Life's Difficulties  C. Elijah  7220  Learn how with your problems that you are not just going through but going through them. 4 of 4 in a series. Pt 1 #7217 Pt. 2 #7218 and Pt. 3 #7219  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Purposeful Problems  C. Elijah  7219  There is a purpose for problems in your life. Find out why and get a better understanding of how to handle problems when they come. 3 of 4 in a series. Pt 1 #7217 Pt. 2 #7218 and Pt. 4 #7220  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Bitter or Better  C. Elijah  7218  If you have trials and troubles they will either make you bitter or better. Find out how to let your troubles make you better. 2 of 4 in a series. Pt 1 #7217 Pt. 3 #7219 and Pt. 4 #7220. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Overcoming Trouble  C. Elijah  7217  Everyone has trouble sooner or later. Learn what to do when trouble comes your way. 1 of 4 in a series. Pt 2 #7218 Pt. 3 #7219 and Pt. 4 #7220  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Blessed Relationships  C. Elijah  7216  If you're having trouble in your home or job learn the secret that will get your relationships smooth. For hurt and mistrust learn the secrets that you need.  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
Secrets To Keep You Well  C. Elijah  7215  Trying to lose weight? High Blood Pressure? Heart Disease? Cancer? Learn these secrets to keep you well  WMA    PDF  Health/Healing  Share 
God Wants You Healthy!!!  C. Elijah  7214  Why do millions get sick and die too soon? Are you sick or do you want to stay well? Hear this both practical and Biblical revelation and GET WELL!  WMA    PDF  Health/Healing  Share 
Living Healthy and Well  C. Elijah  7213  Do you want to live a life without sickness and disease or if you are sick, do you want to get well? You must hear this message.  WMA    PDF  Health/Healing  Share 
Weak But Strong  C. Elijah  7212  Do you have flaws and weaknesses? Do you think that God canít use you because of your past? This humorous message will show you just how God can take your weakness and use you mightily. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Uplifting  Share 
Good To The Last Drop  C. Elijah  7211  Your life is valuable to God no matter what flaws you have. God is working in you and is good to the end. Discover the lessons that God wants you to learn.  WMA    PDF  Uplifting  Share 
A Different Kind of Witness  C. Elijah  7210  God needs you in the earth, find out WHY!  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
INTEGRITY  C. Elijah  7209  Is God pleased with your day life and your night life? Could you be living a double life and not realize it? Take this integrity check.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Living A Life of Excellence  C. Elijah  7208  Why God did not accept Cain's offering! Could you be making the same mistake? A powerful message to analyze your lifestyle.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
It Shall Come To Pass  C. Elijah  7206  What God has said for your life, shall come to pass  WMA    PDF  Uplifting  Share 
Checkup From The Neck Up  C. Elijah  7204  Get the doctor's checkup. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Watch Your Mouth  C. Elijah  7190  Part 2 of 3 in the "Taming Your Tongue" series. Be careful what you say.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Taming Your Tongue  C. Elijah  7191  One in a three-part series about the power of the tongue  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Dig Your Well  C. Elijah  7160  There was a place in the desert where the Hebrews dug and received a miraculous supply of water. You too, can dig a well and enjoy water, even in a dry place.  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Victory Over Your Flesh  C. Elijah  7008  You are to be the master of your flesh; it shouldn't rule over you.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Stick To Your Calling  C. Elijah  7153  God has a call on every life. Find out what yours is and stick to it. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Walking In Divine Favor  C. Elijah  7155  Godís anger is but for a moment, but His favor lasts a lifetime.  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
The Year Of The Lord's Favor  C. Elijah  7154  Take hold of all that God has for you right now.  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Walking In Humility  C. Elijah  7112  You are who you are by the grace of God.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
The Heart Of The Matter  C. Elijah  7109  God doesnít look at a manís outward appearance; He looks at the heart and so should we. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
How To Know God's Will  C. Elijah  7099  Reading Godís word will help you to know His will for your life.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Rehearse It  C. Elijah  7105  Donít just read Godís word Ė do it! Rehearse it everyday!  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Praise:The Pathway To His Presence  C. Elijah  7104  If you create an atmosphere of praise despite your situation, God will dwell there with you. He really does inhabit the praises of His people.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Resurrection Power  C. Elijah  7106  If there were no resurrection, there would be no hope beyond the grave. Jesus died so that we could have eternal life.  WMA    PDF  Deep Stuff  Share 
Unchangeable God  C. Elijah  7111  In the midst of a changing world, God remains the same. Understand the importance of having something stable in your life.  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
The Faithful Word  C. Elijah  7108  If youíre faithful to Godís word, His word will be faithful to you.  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
The Integrity Of God's Word  C. Elijah  7110  Every situation that we face in life is an opportunity for us to trust Godís word.  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Take My Word For It  C. Elijah  7107  Godís word is trustworthy. He always does what He says Heíll do. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Uplifting  Share 
A Pliable Heart  C. Elijah  7090  We should all have a heart that is willing to follow God.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Is It In You  C. Elijah  7061  Don't wait until you're in trouble and despair, get God's Word inside your heart now.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
An Overflowing Heart  C. Elijah  7052  Our hearts should be overflowing with thanksgiving.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Hurry Up And Wait  C. Elijah  7060  What are you waiting for? Hurry up and trust God; donít lose faith, but learn to wait on Him.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Raise Your Sights  C. Elijah  7065  Take your eyes off of your situation and set them on God and His word.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Kingdom Assignments  C. Elijah  7062  Get involved in doing Godís work and youíll discover true fulfillment and happiness.  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Simple Faith  C. Elijah  7067  A simple confession of faith makes a major difference in your life.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Prayer Changes Things  C. Elijah  7064  Prayer really does change things. Try it for yourself and see.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
When You Want To Ask Why  C. Elijah  7071  Do you ever wonder why God allows certain things to happen to you? FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Trouble, Trouble And More Trouble  C. Elijah  7068  When being tested, know that God has faith in your faithfulness.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 

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