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Trouble, Trouble And More Trouble  C. Elijah  7068  When being tested, know that God has faith in your faithfulness.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
When Fear Becomes A Blessing  C. Elijah  7070  Learn how the blessings of God can fall upon you and your family  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Walking In The Fear Of God  C. Elijah  7069  Learn what it really means to walk in the fear of God.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
The Parable Of The Sower  C. Elijah  7063  The Word of God is like a seed. Under proper conditions, the seed will produce and become effective in your life. As it grows, you'll prevail.  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Seedtime And Harvest  C. Elijah  7066  You determine the harvest that you have in life. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
A Special Invitation  C. Elijah  7050  God has given you a special invitation to fellowship with Him daily.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Seated At The Master's Table  C. Elijah  7013  There is no lack in the house of God  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Inside Signals  C. Elijah  7011  God speaks to us in many ways.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
A Noticeable Difference  C. Elijah  7001  There should be a noticeable difference between the people of God and those of the world.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
A Sacrifice of Thanksgiving  C. Elijah  7091  In everything give thanks, even when your situation seems too hard to bear. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
A Word In Season  C. Elijah  7092  God will give you the right things at the right time.  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Abiding In Him  C. Elijah  7051  When the word of God abides in you, youíll have the victory.  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
An Inside Job  C. Elijah  7181  The world refers to an inside job as relating to theft or embezzlement. However, the Bible teaches that God does an ďinside jobĒ on us, changing us into His image. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Be A Blessing  C. Elijah  7093  God called us to be a blessing not just to receive a blessing.  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
Be Still And Know  C. Elijah  7053  Sometimes we really need to be still and know that God is in control.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Be Willing To Wait  C. Elijah  7072  Good things come to those who wait on the Lord.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Becoming Good Ground  C. Elijah  7054  Learn to be a good ground Christian and produce fruit.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Benefits Of God's Word  C. Elijah  7073  Learn about the many advantages of knowing God's Word  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Control Your Flesh  C. Elijah  7182  You must learn to master your own flesh.  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
Cut It Off  C. Elijah  7094  Don't be a slave to your flesh. Learn to get your flesh under submission by any means necessary. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Delight Yourself  C. Elijah  7095  God's Word thrills you on the inside. Learn to delight yourself in His Word.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Discerning God's Voice  C. Elijah  7010  Learn how to open your spiritual ears to hear God's voice.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Discovering Your Destiny  C. Elijah  7157  We're here on this earth to fulfill God's purpose.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage  C. Elijah  7116  Just as carpet can be scotch-guarded to prevent stains, you can take the same preventive measures for your marriage. You canít always prevent the spills, but you can prevent the stains.  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
Do What You Know  C. Elijah  7055  Don't fret over the deep revelations and mysteries of life, go ahead and just do those simple things that you already know you should be doing. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
Don't Let The Fire Go Out  C. Elijah  7096  Our relationship with God should be fresh and exciting. We should be on fire for God.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Don't Trip Up  C. Elijah  7003  You're most likely to stumble while walking in darkness.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
First Thing's First  C. Elijah  7097  Keep God first in your life. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Full Of It  C. Elijah  7140  It is Godís desire that we are filled with His joy.  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Getting Your Spot  C. Elijah  7141  God has already assigned a place for each of us; so go ahead and get in your spot.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Go And Do Likewise  C. Elijah  7184  Jesus gives us a living example of love and compassion, and admonishes us to follow it. In this message, you will learn how to allow Godís compassion to flow through your life.  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
God's Greater Purpose  C. Elijah  7142  As we seek to refine and define our purpose, we should always seek to find what God has ordained for us because what God has is always greater than anything we could ever imagine.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
God's Purpose For Tests  C. Elijah  7056  There is a lesson to be learned from every test that you go through.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Guaranteed Victory  C. Elijah  7057  You canít fail when youíre doing Godís will. Remember: the safest place is in the will of God.  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Have It Your Way  C. Elijah  7098  You determine what comes to you in this life. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Having No Root  C. Elijah  7058  Learn about the 4 types of ground and how to be deeply planted in God's Word.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Healing At The Cross  C. Elijah  7004  Divine healing is already ours because of Jesus Christ. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Health/Healing  Share 
Healing Is God's Will  C. Elijah  7005  God has the power to heal you and He is willing to do it.  WMA    PDF  Health/Healing  Share 
His And Hers  C. Elijah  7143  Another sermon from the Marriage Series  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
Home Improvement  C. Elijah  7144  Thereís hardly anything in your possession that doesnít require some type of maintenance. The same holds true for your marriage. Maintenance upholds the foundation.  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
Homeland Security  C. Elijah  7145  Just as our nation is extremely interested in homeland security, we should also be interested in it for our own household everyday. In this sermon, learn about God's security system for the home.  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
How To Be Content  C. Elijah  7059  Where ever you are in life, learn to be content.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
How To Know When It's God  C. Elijah  7117  We should be able to discern God's voice.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
When The Heat Is On  C. Elijah  7113  God sometimes turns up the heat in our lives so that He can stir us up and strip some things out of our lives to purify us. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Where Is Your Trust  C. Elijah  7156  Do you really know where your trust is? Do you place your trust in you job, house, money and other material things when it should be with God?  WMA    PDF  Money  Share 
Why Am I Here  C. Elijah  7159  God has a purpose for every life that He created.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Willing, Ready and Eager  C. Elijah  7114  God wants you to enjoy the fullness of what He has for you.  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Winning The War  C. Elijah  7122  Listen here for keys on how to win the war on your flesh.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Wise Up  C. Elijah  7115  Whenever problems arise in your life, you should pray for wisdom before you ask anything else of God.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
You Are Already Healed  C. Elijah  7007  Another from the Healing Series  WMA    PDF  Health/Healing  Share 

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