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Don't Let The Chain of Love End With You  Nathaniel  5007  Clay Walker’s country song, “The Chain Of Love” is the basis for this sermon.  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
Daddy Come Home  Nathaniel  5006  This is a message that all men should hear. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
Care of The Wine Steward  Nathaniel Bronner  5193  Learn the truth of alcohol and what the Bible REALLY says about drinking alcohol, especially wine. The truth isn't what you might think.  WMA    PDF  Deep Stuff  Share 
Can't See The Forest For The Trees  Nathaniel  5047  Another sermon from the Get out of the Wilderness series  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
If You Can Believe This  Nathaniel  5191  If you can believe this ONE VERSE in the Bible you will be able to believe everything else. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Uplifting  Share 
Bill Collector Be Gone  Nathaniel Bronner  5195  This sermon from 1997 is still relevant today. Listen and learn how to get rid of the bill collector for good.  WMA  Video   PDF  Money  Share 
Casting Out Fat Demons  Nathaniel  5048  The greatest temptation is food. Learn how to deal with the fat demon  WMA    PDF  Health/Healing  Share 
A Long Way From Home  Nathaniel  5045  Do you think you are too far gone to get back? Well, you won’t after you listen to this message about the four things you need to do to get back.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Boomerang  Nathaniel  5046  What goes around, comes around!  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Breaking The 3-Way Tie  Nathaniel  5140  Learn how to break the Soul, Spirit, and Sex ties of old relationships.  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
Do You Want To Get Well  Nathaniel  5056  If you are sick, you need this message to learn the four keys to get healed.  WMA    PDF  Health/Healing  Share 
From The Mouths of Babies  Nathaniel  5145  As children of God, we should instinctively praise God despite our circumstances because He will supply our needs. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
From The Seen to the Unseen  Nathaniel  5146  We only see a small portion of the physical world and often none of the spiritual. Learn the principles of “From the Seen to the Unseen.”  WMA    PDF  Deep Stuff  Share 
Get Off The Porch #1  Nathaniel  5166  Stop waiting on everyone else to solve your problems and do what you can do. God spoke to Pastor Nathaniel, "I will send thru you this day words that will heal the people if they heed them."  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Get Your Stuff Back  Nathaniel  5102  Learn God’s way for getting back everything the enemy has taken from you.  WMA    PDF  Deep Stuff  Share 
Giving To Get  Nathaniel  5008  It’s time to stop crying and start laughing.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Ghost  Nathaniel  5167  The spirit of a man is but a ghost that cannot be measured in the physical; yet, learn from this powerful technical analogy how we can get an upgraded body.  WMA    PDF  Deep Stuff  Share 
Goliath  Nathaniel  5057  You too can conquer the giants standing in your way. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Greater Than A Blessing  Nathaniel  5103  Find out why it’s greater to be a blessing than to receive a blessing.  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner  Nathaniel  5147  What would you do if Jesus was coming to dinner at your house? FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Heaven's Treasure  Nathaniel  5104  The kingdom of Heaven is truly within.  WMA    PDF  Deep Stuff  Share 
Honor In Your Own Home  Nathaniel  5083  Learn to appreciate those people and things near to you.  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
How To Beat The Blues  Nathaniel  5009  Discover how to get out and stay out of depression.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
How To Find A Good Man  Nathaniel  5010  Listen to practical steps to finding a good man. Every single woman should listen to this message.  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
How To Get Money Out of the Fish's Mouth  Nathaniel  5058  This message discusses the only time that Jesus told how to get money. Learn the keys to this important message.  WMA    PDF  Money  Share 
How To Get Plenty Money  Nathaniel  5011  Discover practical keys of getting plenty money.  WMA    PDF  Money  Share 
Hurricane  Nathaniel  5105  Sometimes God has to send the wind into our lives to get some things out of our lives so that we’ll be able to hear from Him. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
I Am In Control  Nathaniel  5106  No matter who we are and where we are in life, God is in control.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
I Didn't Learn Everything I Needed To Know In Knidergarten  Nathaniel  5012  Everything that sounds good might not be good for you.  WMA    PDF  Uplifting  Share 
I Just Want Two  Nathaniel  5049  We do things because we want to and the difficulty of being happy with just one.  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
In Another Form  Nathaniel  5107  When there are two or more gathered in the name of Jesus, He will show up.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
In The Beginning- Creation or Evolution  Nathaniel  5014  One day your child will ask you “what about what my teacher told me about monkeys and me?” You need to be able to answer scientifically. This is a must listen!!! A MUST LISTEN!!! FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Deep Stuff  Share 
In The Days of Noah  Nathaniel  5108  When you leave God out, you open the door to destruction.  WMA    PDF  Deep Stuff  Share 
Issues  Nathaniel  5059  Learn how to handle life’s issues.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
It's Relative  Nathaniel  5060  Learn to see the absolute – God’s truth and not the world’s relative.  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
Jesus At A Preacher's House  Nathaniel  5015  Listen to how Jesus’ visit to a preacher’s house changed one man. This is a new revelation on who that man was.  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Keep Asking God  Nathaniel  5061  Ask, seek and knock - and don't stop because it's not coming as fast as you want it to.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Keep The Receipt  Nathaniel  5109  When you go through certain experiences, keep the receipt if you don’t want to repeat them. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Know Who You Are  Nathaniel  5062  God wants you to know who you really are – His child.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Listen Up  Nathaniel  5063  Learn to open your spiritual ears in order to discern God's direction for your life.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Love One  Nathaniel  5064  You must love the one closest to you before you can go out and love the world or your enemies. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
Money, Money, Money  Nathaniel  5084  Don't let money rule your life.  WMA    PDF  Money  Share 
No Complaints  Nathaniel  5110  Start being thankful for EVERYTHING in your life.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
No Free Lunch  Nathaniel  5016  What happens when you invite someone to lunch who can’t pay the bill?  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
Nothing But The Dog In Me  Nathaniel  5065  Why is it so hard to do right?  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Old Stuff  Nathaniel  5066  We have to get rid of the old stuff before God can take us to higher levels.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Out of Barrenness  Nathaniel  5085  Find out what you must do before God can take you out of barrenness so that you can be fruitful.  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Out On A Ledge  Nathaniel  5067  It’s time to get out of your comfort zone. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Tests/Trials  Share 
Personal and Confidential  Nathaniel  5017  The private things of Nathaniel  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
Pray Without Ceasing  Nathaniel  5163  Get prayer embedded into your spirit.  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 

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