GT Render - Good Grades Program

The GT Render - Good Grades Program is a program of the Ark of Salvation funded by the GT Render Family Foundation to encourage our youth to excel in school and form a good record so they can excel in life. The program pays out after every semester with 2 total payouts per year. We want to reward hard work and discipline financially. The program will reward students with the following amounts (conduct grades do not have an amount):


For K 5th grade

$10 per A or S or E or G
$5 per B

$0 per C

$-15 per D

$-20 per F or not satisfactory grade


For 6th grade - College

$20 per A
$10 per B
$0 per C
$-25 per D
$-50 per F


Requirements to earn money through this program:

1. The student must have at least a B average in conduct overall.

2. Participating grade levels are kindergarten through undergraduate college age 21 and under.

3. The student must be a member of the Ark of Salvation at least six months before the start of the semester and must attend at least half of all Sunday services. If out of town in college the student must have met these requirements the year prior to leaving.

4. To get paid the student must present a copy of the semester report card either online or physically to Suzanne Ellis.

5. There is no household income limit.

6. If negative amounts are greater than positive no money is owed from the student nor program.

7. Students can choose checks for the amounts listed or savings bonds for double the amount listed.