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Proverbs 18

The Proverbs

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Chapter 19


Better is the poor man whose ways are upright, than the man of wealth whose ways are twisted.


Further, without knowledge desire is not good; and he who is over-quick in acting goes out of the right way.


By his foolish behaviour a man's ways are turned upside down, and his heart is bitter against the Lord.


Wealth makes a great number of friends; but the poor man is parted from his friend.


A false witness will not go without punishment, and the breather out of deceit will not go free.


Great numbers will make attempts to get the approval of a ruler: and every man is the special friend of him who has something to give.


All the brothers of the poor man are against him: how much more do his friends go far from him! ...


He who gets wisdom has love for his soul: he who keeps good sense will get what is truly good.


A false witness will not go without punishment, and the breather out of deceit will be cut off.


Material comfort is not good for the foolish; much less for a servant to be put over rulers.


A man's good sense makes him slow to wrath, and the overlooking of wrongdoing is his glory.


The king's wrath is like the loud cry of a lion, but his approval is like dew on the grass.


A foolish son is the destruction of his father; and the bitter arguments of a wife are like drops of rain falling without end.


House and wealth are a heritage from fathers, but a wife with good sense is from the Lord.


Hate of work sends deep sleep on a man: and he who has no industry will go without food.


He who keeps the law keeps his soul; but death will be the fate of him who takes no note of the word.


He who has pity on the poor gives to the Lord, and the Lord will give him his reward.


Give your son training while there is hope; let not your heart be purposing his death.


A man of great wrath will have to take his punishment: for if you get him out of trouble you will have to do it again.


Let your ear be open to suggestion and take teaching, so that at the end you may be wise.


A man's heart may be full of designs, but the purpose of the Lord is unchanging.


The ornament of a man is his mercy, and a poor man is better than one who is false.


The fear of the Lord gives life: and he who has it will have need of nothing; no evil will come his way.


The hater of work puts his hand deep into the basin, and will not even take it to his mouth again.


When blows overtake the man of pride, the simple will get sense; say sharp words to the wise, and knowledge will be made clear to him.


He who is violent to his father, driving away his mother, is a son causing shame and a bad name.


A son who no longer gives attention to teaching is turned away from the words of knowledge.


A good-for-nothing witness makes sport of the judge's decision: and the mouth of evil-doers sends out evil like a stream.


Rods are being made ready for the man of pride, and blows for the back of the foolish.

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