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Bedroom TALK
with James and Stephanie Bronner


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Marriage Secrets from a couple who had SIX kids
in EIGHT years of marriage

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The items below are on the CDs

  • The 8 best practices that happy, Godly, passionate and successful marriages have in common.
  • Three ways to turn a 3-Minute Brother into a 30-Minute Lover.
  • How to keep a satisfied mate in the midst of pregnancy, yeast infection, or menstruation.
  • What to do when the month’s money is spent and the month isn’t over yet.
  • The special anointing oil and how we prayed over it naked in the bed before we were intimate and put it on our headboard to be prayed over by both of us every night when we get in the bed.  That same night came the 2nd most powerful sexual experience since we have been married and we didn’t do anything different.  The special anointing oil can break yokes that all of our human effort can’t do anything with.
  • What to do when you are fussing and fighting and it looks like you can’t agree on anything.
  • How to get the passion back into your marriage and make it greater than it has ever been before.
  • How to break soul ties to past relationships that you just can’t seem to break by any natural means.
  • How to tell if your marriage is going to be able to work or not.
  • How to take the bed off the “to do” list.
  • The cook, babysitter, prostitute, and maid.

    ...and much more

James Bronner is the youth pastor at The ARK of Salvation in Atlanta and Stephanie is an ordained minister who works side by side with her husband within the ministry.  Their story and techniques of love and triumph will help you to conquer many of the trials and pitfalls of modern marriage.

The rate of divorce within the church EXCEEDS the rate in the world and we need some practical, straight talk about how to handle the practical issues of marriage.

This hard hitting, frank, and open series will let you peer into the intimate lives of a couple who has done it even when faced with tremendous pressure.  They had six kids in six births (no twins) in eight years.

James is not only a minister but an IT computer professional who handles two business IT departments, Vice President of and does most of the technical work for the ministries.

Stephanie will teach you how to handle a home and a husband and still be yourself.  All of her kids are highly active and energetic so the techniques they have mastered will bring greater success and love into every relationship.

CLICK HERE to Order Book/CDs
each order includes a FREE vial of the pillowcase anointing oil

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In Package

In Package


The Feather

Dust Some Things Off






James Intro



In the Rain

Stephanie Intro



Day to Day Stuff

James Holes

Kids Stay Home



Stephanie Holes

Recap of Session 1



Best Practices



Issues in The Past

The 8 Holes



Session Wrap Up

The Kids



Book Talk

Choose the
Right Mate

12 Conflict Resolution Techniques


Purpose of the Anointing Oil

No One Is Perfect



Pastor’s Comments

Have the Right Heart



Song-Here We Are

The Love Component

Dr. Reginald Garmon


Closing Prayer

The Oil




The Pastor’s Spice




CLICK HERE to Order Book/CDs
each order includes a FREE vial of the pillowcase anointing oil

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