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Great audio sermons for your spirit, mind, body, relationships and finances

Bedroom TALK - The book
208 pages

Will include EVERYTHING in the live session CDs plus

  • Budget worksheets.
  • Full family mission statement as a model.
  • Marriage analysis worksheets.
  • Most common questions and answers.
  • Explanation of generational curses and what affect these have on your marriage and how to break them.
  • How to deal with a spouse on the down low.
    (Involved with another person of the same sex)
  • Other resource listings such as books on creating additional income streams, a device that helps with stress, and books on spicing up your sex life for stuff too embarrassing to talk about live.
  • Personal notes from the man’s and woman’s side of the bed.
  • Free vial of Anointing oil to apply to your pillowcases.

CLICK HERE to Order the Book/CDs
Note: The Bedroom TALK Combo comes as a package,
The Book, Anointing Oil, and CD Set of the live session.  All for ONLY $20

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