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Lessons From Cyrus  James Bronner  8254  These are some lessons that will help you become a great leader and how to have great vision for your life from the Biblical King Cyrus, one of the greatest strategists and kings who ever lived. FIVE STAR  WMA  Video  PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Manifestation  James Bronner  8247  God will sometimes stretch you so that you can handle the destiny that he has for you. FIVE STAR  WMA  Video   PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
The Distractions Of Life  James Bronner  8242  There are all kinds of things that will try to distract you from your course and make you lose focus, but learn to stay focused and don't let distractions lead you from your purpose in life. FIVE STAR  WMA  Video   PDF  General Life  Share 
Intimacy With God  James Bronner  8240  These 5 states of heart will help you to increase your intimacy with God in your alone prayer time. FIVE STAR  WMA  Video   PDF  Deep Stuff  Share 
What's In Your Hand  James Bronner  8237  If you will submit your gifts and talents unto God, he can take them beyond their natural abilities. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
Well Done  James Bronner  8234  Never give up when times are tough. God uses those moments as opportunities. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Uplifting  Share 
Center Of Your Joy  James Bronner  8230  Do Everything you can then Trust and Depend on God for the Rest. FIVE STAR  WMA  Video   PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
JESUS  James Bronner  8225  One name is the only name you need. Hear this explosive message! FIVE STAR  WMA  Video   PDF  Uplifting  Share 
A Clean Heart  James Bronner  4030  #11 In the Health Series - Have you examined your heart lately? Confess with your whole heart to the Father and watch Him rebuild it. FIVE STAR  WMA  Video   PDF  Health/Healing  Share 
Father Figure  James Bronner  8218  A Father's Day sermon that teaches you how to be a good father. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share 
When Wisdom is Foolish  James Bronner  8213  The direction of God can appear foolish. Will you follow when He speaks to you? FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  General Life  Share 
A Prepared Place  James Bronner  8209  Are you somewhere that you don't know how you got there nor how long you will be there? Understand your destiny. John 14:1 On CD#AX FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
The Writing On The Wall  James Bronner  8203  Discover ways to change your life and help you move to a new and higher level. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Growth/Guide  Share 
The Grass Is Not Greener  James Bronner  8050  Be thankful for where God has positioned you. FIVE STAR  WMA    PDF  Family/R/Sex  Share