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Don’t Let the Chain of Love End With You - Clay Walker’s country song, “The Chain of Love” is the basis for this sermon.  N1840

No Free Lunch - What happens when you invite someone to Lunch that can’t pay the bill?  N2260

The Promises of Passion - Passion can make us promise what wisdom would not.  N2960

COLD BEDS - A straight talk message about SEX and married couples in the church that have cold beds.  N0351

Return to Sender - The Sequel to Cold Beds.  Almost as controversial as Cold Beds.  N0421

I Just Want Two - The difficulty of being happy with just one.  N2279

When the Wine Runs Out of Marriage - Has the Zip been Zapped out of your relationship?  Put the wine back in by starting with this message. N1489

When Naked Women Show Up - How to deal with the ultimate temptation of naked women.  N65A

What Is Your Baby? - All women should hear this message.  N55A

Daddy Come Home - All men should hear this message.  N1700

The Joneses - The most influential family in the world.  N31A

Breaking The 3-Way Tie - How To Break The Soul, Spirit and Sex Ties of Old Relationships.  N1113

Love One

The 8th Son

It’s Relative - Learn to see the absolute - God’s truth and not the world’s relative. N3501

Greater Than A Blessing - It’s greater to be a blessing than to receive a blessing. N3002

Hanging In The Balance - Every area of your life should be balanced. 63072

Seven Steps to Freedom - Follow these seven steps to set yourself free if you are bound by things.  N0893

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