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God Heals® Oil

rsz_god_heals_oil_bottleGod Heals® Oil is a spiritually consecrated oil that takes over four months to prepare and can be obtained at NO COST by attending a God Heals® service (one bottle per family) or by purchasing a bottle of Miracle Lotion® which contains God Heals® Oil.


God Heals® Oil was made according to God’s detailed instructions. It is made of all natural ingredients which include: Olive Oil (virgin from Israel), Frankincense Oil, Myrrh Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Eucalyptus Oil, Ginger Oil, Peppermint Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil and a Mustard Seed.

God Heals® Oil has been anointed and prayed over in 7 places before being made available to you.

Place #1 - God Heals® Oil is filled in the specially consecrated God Heals® room. The room had to be chosen and prepared for the oil. God spoke that a separate room had to be consecrated for the oil. Only the pastors were allowed to construct anything within the room. The room could only be used for God Heals® Oil and it must be separated, consecrated and sealed from all others.

Those who fill the oil must be virgins or happily married by Biblical standards. We only use virgins, who are so far children of the pastors. As with the Levites in the temple, God spoke that all involved with the making and filling of the oil must belong to the Bronner bloodline.

God spoke that everything used for the oil had to be new and used only for the oil; therefore, every item in the room has only been used for the oil. The formula was spoken by God. Only the Brothers of The Word and the special virgin fillers are allowed to enter the special room. When God Heals® Oil is made, the Brothers of The Word must be dressed in priestly robes while making it, and it is only made by one or more of the Brothers of The Word. Within the room the CD “Words for Healing” ( plays non-stop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The player is connected to a battery backup just in case there is a power failure. The Word of God never stops within this room.

All equipment is within this room. This room is the first and final place of God Heals® Oil before it is filled and sealed. It is sealed before leaving this room and afterwards is only opened by you.

Place #2 - After being made, God Heals® Oil is placed in a clean stream of natural fresh running water for at least one hour. It is either carried to a natural flowing stream in the countryside or placed in the flowing containing fresh well water from a 425 feet deep well in the God Heals® Garden. The Brothers of The Word put on wading suits and carry the oil to the flowing water, pray over it and leave it for at least one hour.

Places #3, 4, 5 & 6 - God Heals® Oil is then taken to four houses. It stays in the prayer room of each house a minimum of seven days as it is prayed over for at least one hour per day. There are 7 areas that we pray over for your life:
1-That you know God     2-Peace     3-Health     4 -Marriage     5-Children     6-Victory Over Enemies     7-Money

The four houses are: 1. Robbie Bronner – Mother of The Brothers of The Word (born 1933), 2. Nathaniel Bronner and prophetic youngest son Rev. George Bronner, 3. C. Elijah Bronner and 4. James Bronner. Each person must shower and put on priestly robes before praying over God Heals® Oil. During the times when the oil is not being prayed over in each house, the oil has the Words for Healing CD played over it and is kept covered by each brother’s prayer cloth.

Place #7 - The pulpit is the seventh place God Heals® Oil is placed. It is prayed over in the pulpit for a minimum of one hour before being returned to the consecrated filling room.

God Heals® must spend at least 84 days in the God Heals® Oil room with the Healing CD playing over it before being used.

Directions for use: 1. Keep God Heals® Oil in a private, cool and calm place. Protect the anointing!
2. Pray before using. 3. Apply a small amount of God Heals® Oil on or near desired areas as often as necessary.
You can safely use God Heals® Oil just as you would pure extra virgin olive oil.

What is required by you?

1. Faith: You MUST believe in the power of God and His healing power and authority in your life.
Even Jesus could do no mighty works without faith.

2. Forgive: Forgive others who may have wronged you. Forgiveness is a basic requirement of divine healing.
“For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:
But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” (Matt 6:14)

3. God Heals® Oil is given to you without cost or obligation. There is no handling charge, no charge for boxes, bottles, oil or anything else. You only must pay to get to the God Heals® service before 7pm and you are NOT REQUIRED to pay another cent.

God has the healing power, not the Brothers of The Word. We pray that as we are obedient and that as you are obedient, God will richly bless and heal your lives in the 7 areas that we have prayed for so diligently.

Please do NOT discard the bottle. It is a very expensive bottle, it is pure crystal.

If you need more oil we will give you a refill bottle to refill the crystal bottle at the God Heals service.

We pray that you receive your healing.
Nathaniel, C. Elijah and James Bronner
           BrothersofTheWord  1-800-7CHRIST