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Ministering to the Whole Person

Dr. Paul Joyner


Guilt is often the central cause of many our issues. Listen to this awesome message along with the testimony. Delivered at The ARK of Salvation's Annual Banquet.

Bent Out of Shape

Joey Motes


Learn to keep a positive attitude no matter what happens.

Last But Not Least

James Saffo


Get self-control in any area that takes you away from the presence of God.

While We Slept

Millicent Ellis


How the devil gets us in our sleep.

Taboo Subjects Part One

Millicent Ellis


Hear this frank message of one woman's deliverance from a $5,000/day drug habit, over 20 years of being a homosexual lesbian, and a life of sin into a woman of God.

Authority & Power - Marriage, Under Construction

Tony and Kim Moore


If you are married you and your spouse need to listen to this together and send this to all married couples.

Three Days and Three Nights

James Richards


If you are in the midst of three or more days of trial, make sure that you are in God's will.

When A Paradigm Shifts

James Saffo


Change is a constant in life. Learn to do when you have major life changes and your paradigm shifts.

The Greatest Job In The World

Simone (Puddin) Bronner


The first ladies speak on Mother's Day

The Blessing of My Kids

Traci Bronner


The first ladies speak on Mother's Day

My Purpose As A Mother

Stephanie Bronner


The first ladies speak on Mother's Day

Can I Get A Witness?

James Saffo


Is your life and testimony a witness for God

Life Giver

Charles Houston


Are you a life giver? Do people move towards or away from you? Learn to give and draw life.

Living In The Spirit

Jose Adames


Learn how to walk in the Lord to obtain peace, joy and victory.

A Message from The Matriarch

Robbie Bronner


A response to sermon 5339 from the mother of the Bronner ministers.

Who Are You Worshipping

John Williams


What gods are you idolizing?

The Five Gods of Paganism

Charles Blackshear


Him declare I unto you! Christ or the 5 gods of paganism

Following The Truth

James Saffo


Learn 3 Keys that will help you walk into truth

The Business of Life

Bishop Dale C. Bronner


An inspiring message by Bishop Bronner given at a business staff meeting that deals with the business of life. Many high points of life are touched upon in this eye-opening message.

The Right Perspective

James Brown


Four steps to changing your outlook and your position with God Habakkuk 2:1-2

Back To The Basics

Jose Adames


Get your life back to basics and back to God

A Penny Saved

Stephanie Bronner


 Learn how to repent when you've done wrong Luke 15:3-24

No Longer Hid

Frank Salters


If you need to be motivated and moved to action, hear this.

Prayer Love & Forgiveness

Tony Ellison


The 3 Words that helps us please God and receive our blessings. 2 Chron 7:14

The EX Factor

Charles Houston


The EX things we must do on our new level in Christ

Coming Out To Come In

Frank Salters


Understand why relationships breakup and why negative things happen in life.

That Wonderful Place

Stephanie Bronner


Are you praying for the wrong thing? How are you asking and to whom? John 16:23

The Word

James Brown


If you are troubled, feel like giving up and are facing hard times, hear The Word. Daniel 10:1-13

The Power To Overcome

Kenneth A. Kirksey Sr.


If you've been through trials, tests and tribulations and need power to overcome, this is the message to hear.

Confronting Reality

Cal Hardy


If you have issues and conflicts that you want to escape from this message will help you understand and confront them.

Get The Big Picture

Charles Blackshear


Understand the purpose and destiny in the tribulations in your life. Deut. 29:29

I’m Blessed and No One Can Reverse It

James Richardson


Explore the possibility that you have Divine favor upon you

Is There Enough Evidence to Convict You?

Forest J. Saffo


Weigh the evidence and listen to this sermon to determine the verdict?

A Letter From Jesus

Alfred Henton


Part 1 of 3 of the prophetic revival. Hear the actual prophecies spoken over individuals from the congregation plus this awesome message.

I See The Light

James Brown


When you have fallen, when you are in the darkness of your life, when you are full of pain, this message will help you get to the light of life.

What to Do When Life Hurts

Ken Pierpont


Everybody hurts in this life but how do you handle the hurt and pain and still have happiness and joy?

The Power of Carrot Cake and Catfish

Ken Pierpont


Learn how you can take everyday things of life and minister to change lives

What to Do When You Don’t Feel Loved

Ken Pierpont


If you've ever felt like you aren't loved and you have been looking for love, you MUST hear this message.

In His Place

James Richards


A walk through Psalms 91

Getting In Check

James Saffo


The word of God related to a game of chess in life.

No Strength for The Delivery

Frank Salters


If you get weak and frustrated trying to deliver what God has birthed, LISTEN!


Herbert  Gant


This age old vice keeps many from proper service in life and Christ.


Charles Blackshear


If you need to know why we pray and how to pray, listen to P.U.S.H.

Call Him Up

Stephanie Bronner


If the storms and trials of life are getting to you, call Him up with this message.

Going Down to Come Up

Cal Hardy


Have you checked your attitude lately? Examine the why and how of your attitude.

Help I’ve Fallen But I Can Get Up

James Brown


Learn the complete plan in falling.  Why you fall and why you can get up.

Brothers of The WORD Prophecy

Apostle Alfred Henton


The prophetic vision by Prophet Henton.
Prophet Alfred Henton Alfred Hinton

Snake Dialoque

Apostle Alfred Henton


Do you wonder why you don’t stick to things?  Snake dialogues hinder your blessings.

Spiritual Forceps

Prophetess Freda Slaughter


The prophetic word brought forth at The ARK’s New Year’s Eve service,

The Dawn of A New Day

James Brown


Before something can grow it must be locked in the darkness of the ground. Now is the time for the dawn.

I Just Came To Tell You

Robbie Bronner


The preacher was locked in the makeup room and this message was sent by God as we waited.

Why All Of This?

Frank Salters


Have you wondered why is all of this happening to you? Where is God? Listen to this revealing message that will give you insight into all of "THAT" happening in your life.


Barbara Middlebrooks


The Value and Meaning of being a mother. A Great Mother's Day Message

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