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1 Hour and 40 minutes
40 Days
911 (preached 9-02-2001)
A Cheap 175 Dollar Key
A Long Way From Home
A Necessary Thing
A Penny for Your Thoughts
All Power
Are you happy?
Blessed Sex
Bless You
Breaking Generational Curses
Breaking The 3-Way Tie
Can’t See The Forest
Can You Hear Me Now
Casting Out Fat Demons
Come Out and Don’t Go Back
Cut the Cord
Daddy Come Home
Diligent or Dilly-Dally
Don’t Let the Chain of Love End With You
Do You Want To Get Well?
Fill the People
First Class
From Suffering to Glory
From the Seen to the Unseen
Get Your Stuff Back
Giving to Get
Greater Than A Blessing
Hanging in the Balance
Heaven’s Treasure
How To Beat The Blues
How To Find A Good Man
How To Get Money Out of the Fish's Mouth
How to Get Plenty Money
I am in Control
I Didn’t Learn EVERYTHING I Need To Know In Kindergarten
I Just Want Two
If Adam Had Not Bitten
Impregnation 2
In Another Form
In the Beginning-Creation or Evolution
It’s Relative
Jesus At A Preacher’s House
Keep Asking God
Keep the Receipt
Know Who You Are
Listen Up
Love One
Money, Money, Money
No Complaints
No Free Lunch
Nothing But The Dog In Me
Old Stuff
Out on a Ledge
Personal and Confidential
Red Blood and Red Meat
Return to Sender
Seven Steps to Freedom
Sometimes You Get Burned
Start Over
Take the Keys
The 4th Commandment
The 8th Son
The 8th Talent
The 12 Words of Seed Time and Harvest
The Bitter Root
The Chair
The Comfort Zone
The Curse of Ham
The Darling and The Sugar
The End from the Middle
The Four Levels of Want
The Four Seasons of Life
The Gift that Jesus Left
The Good Time Devil
The Greatest
The Haves and The Have Nots
The High Cost of Getting Back
The Joneses
The Magicians of Egypt
The Message of Money
The Million Dollar Cell Phone
The Outer Limits
The Perfect Storm
The Power of Vision
The Priestly Blessing
The Promises of Passion
The Prophetic
The Racial Situation in Heaven
The Second Step
The Trial of The Century
The Trials of Joseph (pt.1)
The Value of Tribulation
The Verdict
The Want of Things
Troubled Waters
Up From The Dust
Watch What
What Is Your Baby?
What Would They Say About A Man That Made Wine at a Party
What You Say
When A Blessing Becomes A Curse
When Naked Women Show Up
When the Wine Runs Out of Marriage
When You Grow Up!
Which Way is Up
Whoa Big Boy
Your Birthright

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