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The Maids of Jacob 5175

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20 Most Requested Sermons from Pastor Nathaniel Bronner

Break Down The Walls

After The Breakthrough

Breaking The 3-Way Tie - How To Break The Soul, Spirit and Sex Ties of Old Relationships.  N1113

1 Hour and 40 minutes - After the death of his 38 year old brother, Pastor Nathaniel Bronner had an experience that changed his life.  This is one of the most powerful sermons that you will ever hear.  N1770

In the Beginning-Creation or Evolution - One day your child will ask you “what about what my teacher told me about monkeys and me?”  You need to able to answer scientifically.  This is a must listen!!!  A MUST LISTEN!!!  N28A

Red Blood and Red Meat - God gave us specific diet rules for health reasons.  Hear the explanation of the law of red blood and red meat and understand the scientific reasons.  One of the most requested tapes of all time!!  N3598

Blessed Sex - God intends for your sex to be blessed!!!  N1072

Casting Out Fat Demons - Food is the greatest temptation.  Learn how to deal with the FAT DEMON.  Another HEAVILY requested tape.  NA19

Breaking Generational Curses - If daddy and mama didn’t leave you the best inheritance, find out what to do about it.  N1691

How to Get Plenty Money - Practical keys to getting plenty of money.  N87B

The Curse of Ham - One of the most controversial and daring sermons ever preached.  The truth behind The Curse of Ham and Black People, the curse used to justify slavery of African AmericansN101

Personal and Confidential - The Private things of Nathaniel Bronner.  N63B

The Good Time Devil - See if you can recognize this Devil.  N145

How To Find A Good Man - Practical steps to finding a good man.  Every single woman should listen to this message.  N35A

The Million Dollar Cell Phone - If you have a cell phone, you have a million dollars.  N1331

Do You Want To Get Well? - If you are sick, you need this message.  N55B

The Darling and The Sugar - A Hilarious Hour of Comedy.  If you need to laugh, click on this and hold on.  N2890

Come Out and Don’t Go Back - Getting some things out of your life is often the easy part.  The hard part is not letting them back in.  N3240

COLD BEDS - A straight talk message about SEX and married couples in the church that have cold beds.  N0351

The Want of Things - For most the lack of money is not the reason for financial problems and why I voted for Bush.  N3380`

The Bitter Root

911 (preached 9-02-2001)

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