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The Racial Situation in Heaven - All Congregations Week, a call for unity to Atlanta Pastors by Robb Pitts, President of The Atlanta City Council.  Heaven Does have a racial situation.  N0154

Jesus At A Preacher’s House - How Jesus’ visit to a preacher’s house changed one man.  A new revelation on who that man was.  N2120

The 4th Commandment - Is the Sabbath Day good sense for New Testament Christians?  N28

I Didn’t Learn EVERYTHING I Need To Know In Kindergarten - N2820

The Chair - N2540

The Darling and The Sugar - A Hilarious Hour of Comedy.  If you need to laugh, click on this and hold on.  N2890

If Adam Had Not Bitten - N2646

The Outer Limits

The Comfort Zone

Watch What - Watch night Service 2001. N3651

Fill the People - The Ark’s mission statement.  N2232

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