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Sermon files from TheOnLineWord and are available in mp3 format but we strongly recommend that you listen to the .wma (Windows Media Audio) files.

The only reasons that you should use the mp3 files are if you need to listen on a portable device or if your computer only plays mp3 files (99% of computers will play .wma files).
Most portable devices including iPODs will NOT play the .wma voice files that we use.  Even portable devices that play .wma files will not play the .wma voice codec files that we use.

.wma files sound better (especially the voice only files we use) and are less than half the size so they will download much faster and sound much better than the corresponding .mp3 files.

If you do a sermon search just RIGHT CLICK mp3 in the row of the sermon that you want and select “Save Target As...”  The mp3 file will download into the folder of your choice.
Mac users “control + click” (hold down the control key as you click)  Note: This works with Mac OS 8.5 and higher

To access the mp3 files you can type the web address (url) directly into your browser or click Mp3 after a sermon search.
The mp3 file address is ALWAYS:
where xxxx is the 4-digit sermon number.
Be sure to use a forward slash, not a back slash

If you have a link that has .wma at the end, change the link.
Change /s/ to /mp3/ and change .wma to .mp3
For example is the .wma is the MP3

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