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The Verdict - After the Trial, comes the verdict.  N2610

Giving to Get - How to stop crying and start laughing.  N2750

The Perfect Storm - 12 lessons to be learned from the movie, The Perfect Storm, for in all of our lives, sooner or later, The Perfect Storm will come.  By: Rev. James S. Bronner.  J3590

The Trials of Joseph (pt. 1) - Joseph’s rise from the pit to the palace reflects so many of our own struggles. Get the keys to get out of your pit. N2400


Sometimes You Get Burned - N2198

The Four Seasons of Life - N2470

A Necessary Thing - Ever wonder why it seems you have such a tough time?  The tough things in life are often necessary.  N2190

How To Beat The Blues - How to get out depression and stay out of depression.  N183


Out on a Ledge - It’s time to get out of your comfort zone (bonus musical selection).

Issues - Learn how to handle life’s issues.

A Long Way From Home - Think you are too far gone to get back?  Not after you listen to this.  The FOUR things you need to do to get back.  N859

From Suffering to Glory - Don’t be distressed when there is suffering all around you.  Get God’s glory on the inside of you!  N0062

I Am In Control - No matter who we are and where we are in life, God is in control. N0202

Elimination - You have to eliminate some things and people in order to enter into the promised land.

Impregnation - Another sermon from the “Overcoming the Nations” series.  Learn the 7  P’s of Impregnation.

Ordination - You must have order in your nation to make it to the promised land.

Hurricane - Sometimes Gad has to send the wind into our lives to get some things out of our lives so that we’ll be able to hear from Him. N1182

No Complaints - Start being thankful for EVERYTHING in your life.  N2652

The Value of Tribulation - Recognizing the true value of your situation and learn from it. N2932

First Class - God wants to elevate us to higher places, but sometimes He can’t because we’re not mentally or spiritually prepared.  N3492

Imagination - Where is your imagination taking you?

Procrastination - Don’t let procrastination have dominion in your life. N0053

Destination - Do you know where you’re going? N0123

Start Over - Sometimes we think we’ve gone too far to turn around now.  It’s never too late to start over, and it begins with the renewing of your mind.  N2582 

So - We must learn to separate the significant matters of life from those insignificant ones.  N1952

Keep the Receipt - When you go through certain experiences, keep the receipt if you don’t want to repeat them.  N0342

Seven Steps to Freedom - Follow these seven steps to set yourself free if you are bound by things.  N0893

When Stuff Gets Tough - What do you do when stuff gets tough?  Learn the 3 keys to handling tough situations.  When life gets you down, get back up with “When Stuff Gets Tough!”

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