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         Nathaniel     Current and Recent Series C. Elijah

The ABCs of Blessing and Cursing
God Has A Plan
The Magic Ratio
The 9 Parts of Covenant

The Power of Praise
Loving Life, Living Long & Seeing God
Developing Winning Habits
The Father’s Favor

by Nathaniel Bronner Jr.

by C. Elijah Bronner

The 9 Parts of Covenant
The Painful Sweetness of The Word of God
Grace and Peace
The Forgiven
Shut UP!
Vine Wind Worm of Jonah
The Battle
Get Up Off It! - SEX in Marriage
How to Love YOU
The HEALTH Series
7 Tears at The Traffic Light
Pain and Promise of Leadership
Tools for Climbing Mountains of Life
10 Most Important Decisions of Life
It’s Fallen and I Can’t Get Up
Breaking Generational Curses
How to Survine In A Famine
Bringing the Dead Back to Life
Why You Don’t Get God’s Promises

Move That Mountain
Clearing Roadblocks
The 4 Sides of The Cross
Conquering The Nations
The 3 Steps Out of A Mess
Single Mothers
The Spirit of David
Walking With A Tiger
The Manifestation Series
The Happy Christian
The Case for WAR
Miracle Money
The Shutdowns
The Lord’s Prayer

Our Inheritance in Christ
Compassion In Action
The God Who Sees Me
Pursuing The Goal
Make It Count
The Fathers’s Favor
Passing The Test
The Treasure of Wisdom
Dream BIG Dreams
Delighting in Prayer
Keep The Strife Out
The TROUBLE Series
Taming The Tongue
The HEALING Series
The “Go Get It” Series
The Father’s Provisions
Walking In Obedience
Overcoming Adversity
Living Like Jesus
Order My Steps
Living With Purpose

Developing Winning Habits
Reaching For The Goal
Coming Back From A Setback
How to Create Positive Change
Developing Your Potential
Preparing Today for Tomorrow
Why Do Bad Things Happen
       to Good People?

Staying Up When
       Things Are Down

Developing Your Confidence
Controlling Your Flesh
How To Forgive and Let Go
Going for The Best
God’s Faithfulness To His Word
Overcoming Discouragement

The Perfect Plan Revival

by James Bronner BedroomTALK
How To Turn Your Marriage Into A Lifelong Love Affair

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All recent sermons have online videos. All sermons have both MP3 and WMA audio formats. To watch videos or choose audio formats enter the sermon number in the search box on the home page.

The Health Series - Simple sermon based tools for getting and keeping your body healthy.
4020-Breaking Bad Habits - When A New Habit Meets An Old Devil    4021-The 8 Pillars of Health
4022-The 8 Pillars Aftertalk & Testimony  4023-The Baker’s Secret  4024-The Un-Forbidden Fruit
4025-Walking With God In The Cool of The Day   4026-The Total Solution   4027-Take It Outside
4028-Visit The Still Waters  4029-The Declaration  4030-A Clean Heart 4031-PC
4032-The Mystery of Meat   4033-The Bread of Life

Seven Tears at The Traffic Light  A series to overcome 7 emotions of:
1. Easily hurt and offended – 5340 Thin skin and raw nerves  MP3
2. Emotional  - 5341 Tears at the traffic light  MP3
3. Petty  - 5342  Specks in the eye of the Beholder  MP3
4. Jealous – 5343  Your man is her plan  MP3
5. Spiteful  - 5344   In Your Face  MP3
6. Sensitive  - 5345  Walking on Eggshells  MP3
7. Unforgiving  - 5346  Won’t Let Go, Won’t Let Up  MP3

The Pain and Promise of Leadership - Every leader has both pain and promise and every leader needs to hear this series  5337-Part 1   5338-Part 2   5339-Part 3

Tools For Climbing The Mountains of Life
A series of sermons based on the tools necessary for mountain climbing.
5317-These Shoes Aren’t Made For Walking5318-Chalk It Up5319-MAP - Make A Plan,
5320-Buckle Your Seat Belt5321-Superball or Bowling Ball5322-The Greatest Mountain Mover, 5323-The Heavy Weight of Unforgiveness

BedroomTALK - Secrets to make your marriage a lifelong love affair
Topics   CD1 of 4 CDs on

Walking With A Tiger - Parables from the golf course
A series of sermons based on the revelations at the Tour Championship with Tiger Woods.
5283-Like A Lion, 5284-Hazards on The Course of Life, 5285-The Power of Amateurs,
5286-The Caddy, 5287-It’s Not Too Late, 5288-Eye On The Ball, 5289-POW!

Conquering the Nations - Conquer these nations in your life
Rev. 2:26  And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: #1 5151-Procrastination,  #2 5141-Destination, #3 5142-Elimination,
#4 5149-Impregnation,  #5 5148-Imagination,  #6 5150-Ordination,   #7 5348-Vaccination

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Steps out of a mess
5200-The First Step   5201-The Second Step   5202-The Third Step

It’s Fallen and I Can’t Get It Up - Things missing? Can’t get them back?
5249-Build A Better House   5250-When You Need A Loan   5251-How To Make Iron Swim
5252-Take It Back

The Manifestation Series - How to manifest things in your life
5240-Get Up With The Sun   5241-Make The Call   5242-U.B.B.I.   5243-Why Do I Want This?

The Trouble Series - Listen to these if you have trouble in your life
7217-Overcoming Trouble   7218-Better or Bitter  7219-Purposeful Problems
7220-Growing Through Life’s Difficulties  7262-Hold Your Peace  7264-Submitting to God’s Will

The Marriage Series - Improve your marriage  7116-Divorce Proofing Your Marriage   7143-His and Hers  7144-Home Improvement  7147-Keys to A Happy Home  7148-Marriage Secrets  7223-Living In Love  7216-Blessed Relationships

Breaking Generational Curses - How to break the 7 types of curses
5037-Up From The Dust   5035-Breaking Generational Curses   5074-The Power of Vision
5117-Enemies (the 5th curse) This series is being updated and all are not on the web

Taming The Tongue - Learn how to tame the most powerful instrument that you possess.  7191-Taming Your Tongue  7190-Watch Your Mouth   7192-You Said It, You Got It

The Encouragement Series - Learn how and why you should be an encourager.  We all want encouragement, but it is more valuable to BE the encourager
7316-The Gift of Encouragement   7317-Lifter of My Head  7318-Apples of Gold

The HEALING Series - SICK? Listen to this series and CLAIM YOUR HEALING
7319-Psalms 103    7320-Our Healing Covenanat   7321-Prescription for Divine Health

The DISCIPLINE Series - Need the discipline to change and stay changed?
7323-Discipline to Win    7324 Conquering More Than A City   7325-Stick to It

The BLESSING KEYS Series - Learn Keys to Getting and Staying Blessed
7336-Richly Blessed   7337-Our Covenant of Blessing   7338-Keys to Being Blessed
7339-A Life That God Blesses   7340-Provoking Blessing   7341-Expect To Be Blessed

The Happy Christian - Learn the secrets to joy and happiness
5351-The Happy Christian   5352-See The Beauty   5353-Pretty Ugly

The “Go Get It” Series - Get Motivated and Go Get It!
7342-Willing to Pursue   7343-A Pursuing Attitude   7344-Pursue Persistently

Single Mothers - The saga and solutions of single motherhood.
5354&55-Pt. 1&2 Prevention   5356-Pt.3 - Provision   5357-Pt. 4 The Promise
Conclusion 3037-Mother’s Anointing All mothers should hear this anointing

The Case for WAR   5360 The Case for WAR    5361-Who Is The Enemy?  
5362-Weapons of WAR    5363 - Tactics of WAR

Why Do BAD Things Happen to Good People?” Series
7360-Part One   7361-Part Two   7362-Part Three

The Spirit of David   5379 The Spirit of David    5380-The Goliath Factor 
5381-3 Ways In and 3 Ways Out-The Fall of David

Preparing Today for Tomorrow 7373-Part One   7374-Plans to Prosper  7375-Part Three  7376-Part 4 Redeem the Time  7377-Part 5 10 Most Valuable Uses of Your Time   7378-Part 6

The 10 Most Important Decisions of Life 5383 Pt.1 Decisions #1 and #2  5384 Pt.2 Dec 3
5385 Pt.3 Decision 4    5386 Pt.4 Decisions 5&6   5387 Pt.5 Decision 7  5389 Pt.6  Decisions 8, 9 & 10

Keeping The Strife Out Reduce STRESS 7380-Pt 1   7381-Pt 2  7382-Pt 3  7383-Pt4 7384-Pt5

Developing Your Confidence 7385-Pt 1     7386-Pt 2

HELP!!! 5398 The Cry for Help followed by the prophetic session with prophet Kenneth Shelby       5399 The Ways God Helps Us Pt. 1    5400 Pt.2 The Ways God Helps Us    5401 Help Is On The Way

Staying Up When Things Are Down 7391-Pt 1     7392-Pt 2    7393-Pt 3

The Father’s Provisions 7396-Pt 1      7397-Pt 2     7398-Pt 3

Walking In Obedience 7399-Pt 1     7400-Pt 2

How To Survive In A Famine 5410 Part 1     5411 Part 2 The Miracle of Your Reality
8215 Your Promised Land Part 3     5412 Part 4      5413 Part 5

Overcoming Adversity 7404-Pt 1     7405-Pt 2    7407-Pt 3    7408-Pt 4

Living Like Jesus 7409-Pt 1     7410-Pt 2    7411-Pt 3    7412-Pt 4

Miracle Money 5421 Part 1 The Law of Stretching     5423 Part 2 The Law of Appreciation
5424 Part 3 The Law of Depreciation  5425 Part 4 The Law of Expectation  5426 Part 5 The Law of Declaration  5427 Part 6 The Law of Utilization   5428 Part 7 The Law of Creation

Order My Steps 7416-Pt 1     7417-Pt 2    7418-Pt 3

Resurrection Power-Bringing the Dead Back to Life 5432 Part 1-Understanding That Some Things Need to Stay Dead     5433 Part 2 - Being Reborn     5435 Part 3-What to Bring Back 
5436 Part 4-The Steps to Resurrection  5437 Part 5 Resurrecting Dreams  5438 Part 6 Keep Hope Alive
5439 Part 7 - Plans

Developing Your Potential 7421-Pt 1     7422-Pt 2    7423-Pt 3     7424-Pt 4

The Shutdowns 5440 The 7 Things of The First Book of Scripture     5441 Part 1 When God Shuts You Down    5442 When God Shuts You Down Part 2

Controlling Your Flesh 7454-Pt 1 Audio  Video   7455-Pt2 Audio  Video
7456-Pt  3 Audio Video  7457-Pt4 Audio  Video

Why You Don’t Get The Promises of God    5468 Part One Audio   Video
5469 Part 2 Audio   Video    5470 Part 3 Audio   Video     5471 Part 4 Audio   Video 

How To Forgive and Let Go 7468-Pt 1 Audio  Video   7469-Pt2 Audio  Video
7470-Pt  3 Audio  Video 

The Lord’s Prayer    5481 Part One The Next Verse-Audio   Video
5482 Pt 2 It’s Not My Prayer-Audio   Video       5483 Pt 3 Before You Ask-Audio   Video    

Living With Purpose 7479-Pt 1 Audio   Video Pt 1   7480-Pt2 Audio   Video Pt 2   7481-Pt  3 Audio   Video Pt 3   7482-Pt 4 Audio   Video Pt 4   7483-Pt 5 Audio   Video Pt 5   7484-Pt 6 Audio   Video Pt 6   7485-Pt 7 Audio   Video Pt 7

Going For The Best 7488-Pt1 Audio Video 7489-Pt2 Audio Video 7490-Pt3 Audio Video

Name, WORD and Fruit SERIES
What Name Does God Call You? Pt1 Audio Video Pt2 Audio Video Pt3 Audio Video
How to Know The Voice (Word) of God
Pt1 Audio Video Pt2 Audio Video Pt3 Audio Video Pt4 Audio Video
How to Manifest Fruit Pt1 Audio Video Pt2 Audio Video Pt3 Audio Video Pt4 Audio Video

How To Create Positive Change 7498-Pt 1 Audio  Video   7499-Pt2 Audio  Video
7500-Pt  3 Audio  Video  7501-Pt 4 Audio  Video 

Pt1 The Power of Love Audio Video   Pt2 How to Know if You Like You Audio Video
Pt3 The Difference Between Healthy Self-Esteem and Boastful Pride Audio  Video
Pt4 When Others Don't Love You Audio  Video  Pt5 The 1st Step To Loving You Audio Video
Pt6 The 2nd Step To Loving You Audio  Video  Pt7 The 3rd Step To Loving You Audio Video
Pt8 How To Give Yourself A Hug Audio  Video

Delighting in Prayer 7504-Pt 1 Audio  Video   7505-Pt2 Audio  Video
7506-Pt  3 Audio  Video  7507-Pt 4 Audio  Video 

The Four Sides of The Cross    5521 Part God Has Your Back-Audio   Video
5522 Pt 2 Choose Your Side-Audio   Video       5523 Pt 3 -Audio   Video    

Coming Back From A Setback 7508-Pt 1 Audio  Video    7509-Pt2 Audio  Video
7510- Pt 3  Audio  Video      7511-Pt 4 Audio  Video 

Get Up Off Of It! - The Need for Good Sex in Marriage  Read this article
5520 Sit On It - The $5,000 Reward for Virginity-Audio   Video (for virgins or parents only)
5526 Pt 1 The Need for Good Sex in Marriage-Audio   Video   
5527 Pt 2 The Power of Sex-Audio  Video   5528 Pt. 3 How to Perform Better- Audio   Video 

Clearing Roadblocks 5529 Pt1-Audio  Vid  5530 Pt2-Audio  Vid  5531 Pt3 -Audio  Vid    

Dream BIG Dreams 7516-Pt1 Audio Video  7517-Pt2 Audio  Video 7518-Pt3 Audio Video

The Secret Verse of Contentment 5532 Pt1-I Have Enough-Audio  Video 
5533 Pt2-The Grace of God Audio  Video    5534 Pt3 -Audio  Video    

The Battle 5535 Pt1-Know Your Enemies Audio  Video  5536 Pt2 Know Your Weapons- Audio  Video    5538 Pt3 Know Your Allies-Audio  Video   5539 Pt4 Be Patient My Child-Audio  Video    5540 Pt5 Distractions- Audio  Video     4006 Pt6 Temper Temper -Audio  Video 5545 Pt7 How To Know When To Fight -Audio 4008 Pt8 The Battle Against Pride Audio Video   4013 Pt9 The Battle Against Greed Audio Video

The Forgiven  5552 Pt 1-Audio  Video 5552 Pt 2 -Audio  Video   5553 Pt 3 -Audio   Video

Shut UP!  5549 Pt 1-Audio  Video 5550 Pt 2 -Audio  Video   5551 Pt 3 -Audio   Video

The Vine, Wind & Worm of Jonah  5546 Pt 1- The Vine Audio  Video 5547 Pt 2 The Wind-Audio  Video   5548 Pt 3 The Worm-Audio   Video

The Treasure of Wisdom 7520-Pt1 Audio Video  7521-Pt2 Audio  Video 7523-Pt3 Audio Video

Reaching For The Goal 7524-Pt1 Audio Video  7525-Pt2 Audio  Video 7526-Pt3 Audio Video 7527-Pt4 Audio Video

Grace and Peace 5556 Part 1 Grace and Peace-Audio  Video  5557 Pt 2 Grace and Peace-Audio  Video   5559 Pt 3 Peace In The Midst of The Heat Audio  Video   5560 Pt 4 Job’s Peace-Audio  Video  5561 Pt 5 - Peace That Surpasses All Understanding Audio   Video   5562 Pt 6 -Finally Think On These Things  Audio  Video

The Painful Sweetness of The Word of God  5565 Pt 1 Audio  Video
5566 Pt 2 -Audio  Video   5567 Pt 3 -Audio   Video

Thorns  5568 Pt 1 Audio  Video 5569 Pt 2 -Audio  Video   5570 Pt 3 -Audio   Video

Passing The Test 7556-Pt1 Audio Video  7557-Pt2 Audio  Video 7558-Pt3 Audio Video

The Perfect Plan Revival with Don Barden Pt 1 6367 Audio  Video
Pt 2 6368- Audio  Video       Pt 3 6369-Audio   Video

The Father’s Love and Favor 7563-Pt1 Audio Video  7564-Pt2 Audio  Video 7565-Pt3 Audio Video

The 9 Parts of Covenant 5571 Part 1 Keep Your Word-Audio  Video  5572 Pt 2 A Man’s PERSONAL-Audio  Video   5574 Pt 3 Coat Check Audio  Video   5575 Pt 4 Battle Stations-Audio  Video  5577 Pt 5 A Cut Above-Audio  Video  5578 Pt 6 Organization and Busyness-Audio  Video  5579 Pt 7 In My Name-Audio  Video

Developing Winning Habits 7567-Pt1 Audio Video  7568-Pt2 Audio  Video 7569-Pt3 Audio Video 7570-Pt4 Audio Video  7571-Pt5 Audio Video  7572-Pt6 Audio Video  

The Magic Ratio 5585 Pt1 Audio  Video  5586 Pt2 -Audio Video  5587 Pt3 -Audio   Video

Loving Life, Living Long and Seeing God 7575-Pt1 Audio Video  7576-Pt2 Audio  Video 7578-Pt3 Audio Video

God Has A Plan 5593 Pt1 Audio  Video  5594 Pt2 -Audio Video  5595 Pt3 -Audio   Video

The Power of Praise 7582-Pt1 Audio  Video     7583-Pt2 Audio  Video    7584-Pt3 Audio  Video

God’s Faithfulness To His Word 7585-Pt1 Audio  Video     7586-Pt2 Audio  Video    7587-Pt3 Audio  Video

Overcoming Discouragement 7588-Pt1 Audio  Video     7589-Pt2 Audio  Video    7590-Pt3 Audio  Video

The ABC’s of Blessing and Cursing 5597 Pt1 Audio  Video  5598 Pt2 -Audio Video  5599 Pt3 -Audio   Video 5600 Pt4 Disease -Audio   Video   5602 Pt5 -Audio   Video   5603 Pt6 -Audio   Video   5604 Pt6 -Audio   Video   5605 Pt7 3 P’s-Audio   Video

The Slight Edge - A Must Listen if you want a better life

Move That Mountain! 5635 Pt1 Audio  Video  5636 Pt2 -Audio Video  5637 Pt3 -Audio   Video 5638 Pt4 -Audio   Video   5639 Pt5 -Audio   Video   5640 Pt6 -Audio   Video   5641 Pt6 -Audio   Video   5642 Pt7-Audio   Video

Our Inheritance in Christ series by C. Elijah Bronner

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