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A Cheap 175 Dollar Key - The most expensive of man’s keys won’t open the gates of Heaven.  N1910

Can’t See The Forest For The Trees N3539

When A Blessing Becomes A Curse - When God blesses us, we often allow the blessing to become an idol and an idol becomes a curse.  N1288

Up From The Dust - The Beginning of the “Breaking Generational Curses” series.  N3030

The Power of Vision - Jesus changed the blind man from being a beggar through the power of vision.  N0141

Enemies - Breaking the generational curse of enemies.  N0211

The 8th Talent - If you ever need to start fresh, you need the 8th talent.

WHY? - So many things in life cause us to ask WHY?  Pastor Nathaniel gives you a new look on the question of WHY?  N1868

The Haves and The Have Nots - It’s a Biblical principle.  Find out what you need to do to switch sides.  N2399

The Greatest - The meaning of the Mustard Seed.  Everyone is not destined to be a big tree, but you can be the greatest in the garden.  N1630

Are you happy? - Discover true happiness.

Cut the Cord - There are so many things that have us bound, but we mast learn to cut the cords in order to truly live.

When You Grow Up!

Keep Asking God

All Power

Listen Up

The High Cost of Getting Back

Nothing But The Dog In Me

40 Days

Ephesians 3:20 - Don’t place limitations on God.  N0412

Old Stuff - We have to get rid of the old stuff before God can take us to higher levels. N3361

Know Who You Are - God wants you to know who you really are - His child!  N3221

The Second Step - Once you discover what God has for you to do, the second step is to take action. N0132

The Gift that Jesus Left - Jesus gave to all of us the gift of peace. 

Diligent or Dilly-Dally - You should diligently seek God.  N0762

Take the Keys - Did you know that Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly?  Discover the keys that Jesus offers to us to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.  N0832

Which Way Is Up - All of us have the power through every action that we take to add more good or more evil to the world.  N1672

First - This message could change the rest of your life, if only you heed the message.  N1042

Can You Hear Me Now - Ever wonder if God hears your prayers?  Learn to get into a position so that God can hear your prayers.  N3212

Focus  - A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways so learn to stay focused. N2722

The End From the Middle - If you know the end from the middle, what would you do differently?  Take what God has given you and fully utilize your talents.  N3352

Hanging In The Balance - Every area of your life should be balanced. 63072

Discipline - Sometimes God has given us enough direction for our lives, now it’s time for us to discipline ourselves and follow those directions.

So - We must learn to separate the significant  matters of life from those insignificant ones.  N1952

First Class - God wants to elevate us to higher places, but sometimes He can’t because we’re not mentally or spiritually prepared.  N3492

Your Birthright - When you are born again, you have a new revelation of who you are and who your Father is.  N3282

What You Say - Little do you realize how powerful what you say determines God’s working in your life.  Understand this powerful revelation and change your future. N0613

Whoa Big Boy - In the power of the tongue is death and life.  To be able to control our tongue allows us to control our entire body.  N0963

The Four Levels of Want - Don’t have what you want?  Which level of “want” do you operate on?  Find out in this revealing sermon.  N0823

Greater Than A Blessing - It’s greater to be a blessing than to receive a blessing. N3002

So - We must learn to separate the significant matters of life from those insignificant ones.  N1952

The Four Levels of Want - Don’t have what you want? Which level of “want” do you operate on? Find out in this revealing sermon. N0823

For My Own Sake - Why does God forgive our sins and why did He send His
Son? A major revelation of scripture on God’s motivation. 

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