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Great audio sermons for your spirit, mind, body, relationships and finances

The Magicians of Egypt - A Deep Sermon full of revelation.  N2330

The Curse of Ham - One of the most controversial and daring sermons ever preached.  The truth behind The Curse of Ham and Black People, the curse used to justify slavery of African AmericansN101

Get Your Stuff Back - Learn God’s way for getting back everything the enemy has taken from you. 

The Message of Money - Learn to put your trust in God and not in your money. N2862

Heaven’s Treasures - The Kingdom of heaven is within.  N0272

Seven Steps to Freedom - Follow these seven steps to set yourself free if you are bound by things.  N0893

From the Seen to the Unseen - We only see a small portion of the physical world and often none of the spiritual.  Learn the principles of “From the Seen to the Unseen.”

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